Best show ever! Not only do they support many charities and promote many great causes, their music has helped thousands of young people through tough times with uplifting and quirky songs. Why? Worth a listen. One of the most exciting qualities about modern Scottish folk music is that, due to the small size of the country and the folk scene, many artists collaborate, enriching and diversifying the music. Not the 'get strung out on Meth and Crack and ruin the rest of your life' kind of partying. And they looked awesome. Very few equaled this ...more. In my place? With Tom and Harry both married they show that they are not fancy posh celebs they are normal people and kind and that's why I think they are the best. I grew up in the 70's partying to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. They are a true talent and the best rock band of the 21st century! Charlie brown? They were the last rock band to embody sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll and rule the world simultaneously and play concerts without a single phone in the audience. These various influences and collaborations make Hubbert’s music some of the most exciting to come out of Scotland in recent years, which won him the Scottish Music of the Year award in 2013. Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin was an English rock band formed in London in 1968. Glaciers move quicker than the career of hip-hop torch singer turned folk siren Gibbons, but it was always worth the wait. Fairport Convention is often credited with being one of the first English folk rock bands. Many of them are true masterpieces, outstanding pieces of music + lyrics. Scottish folk music is traditionally a compilation of Scottish dance songs and ballads. Striving towards a modern sound while not the punch they packed ever since their first album in 2006. Their songs range from classic to heavy metal and are filled with memorable guitar riffs such as Plug in Baby (Voted best riff), Hysteria and Knights of Cydonia. Also a fantastic live band, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases, Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises. Prog Folk is a progressive rock music sub-genre. By far the best of all English bands listed. Come on, yellow? - Bands mit kurzer Info, Bild, MP3, Song und Weblink, zahlreiche Konzerte, Festivals und Locations, sowie Konzertfotos und Forum. The Memory Band; The Men They Couldn't Hang; The Mercurymen; Merry Hell; Merrymouth; Methuselah (band) Mr. Fox Name … Every teardrop is waterfall? There's everything, they're a one-stop shop, complete with zombie salesperson. I love them so much. It is the sheer essence of what good music should do to a person. Best band you have never heard of, period. My mum loves Snow Patrol...she has their album Eyes Open on CD. Für Bands der Neuen Deutschen Härte existiert eine eigene Liste. Their music comes from their heart & soul, no artifacts, no tricks - it's pure and honest. Some of that music is pretty good, but prior to that Runrig’s music was a roaring heavy rock/folk fusion that definitely highlighted the dexterity of guitarist/piper Malcolm Jones. Heavily ingrained with 1960s musicians such as Joan Baez, and having travelled to India with The Beatles, Donovan continued his own hippie movement and spiritualism through the punk period. One of the best bands of the 20th century, terrific hits and still excellent music, but without Freddie Mercury, Queen seems to be resting on past glory somewhat. They have even inspired me in many ways as well. You can sign in to vote the answer. When we attend a Keane Live performance, we can never forget it. But until now with all of their 6 albums which is always had a big song, I think Coldplay should being 1st. Writer and so much more. Bullet For My Valentine is one of my favorite bands ever, I don't understand why would Colplay would be in front, Bullet For My Valentine is real music. From '94-'96 they were unstoppable. From deathcore, to metalcore, to alternative metal, to hard rock, Bring Me The Horizon never fails to bring something new to the table. An awesome group who put 100% into everything they do. Paradise? Der Sound der Dubliner Band wird manchmal als irische Weltmusik bezeichnet. They had the best songs of the '90s and they're basically about nothing. The originality of Damon Albarn combining synth and other instruments make him a great artist. I love each one of you with all my heart and I pray that you may all get the success that you deserve in your lives individually and as a band. See also. Die besten Bands der Neuziger reichen von Heavy Metal über Grunge bis hin zu Boyband- und Girlband-Pop. It's always interesting to see where famous bands got their starts, so use this list to discover some great English music that you've never heard before. Killers not even English they are american. And Black Sabbith should be number 1, They're the best they defiantly deserve to be higher than one direction so why aren't they? Noch im selben Jahrzehnt wurde der moderne Evergreen von Bands wie Simon and Garfunkel, The Beach Boys und Peter Paul & Mary gecovert. I love them to death. The scientist? Such beautiful songs makes me wonder if they are one of the best bands of all times. They have changed tremendously and they have really "grown up" I think they should be ranked higher but at least they are part of the top 10, Love this band. I personally can relate to lots of their songs, and they have that attitude that make them look kinda cocky, but that's why I love them. It's timeless. They have gained a massive following, not only in the uk, but the world. Like Freddie, Matt Ballamy writes hit songs for Muse and the band perform these perfectly together live, interacting marvellously with their audiences! They're great live - Brilliant performers, as well as technically perfect. Bullet For My Valentine all the way! They can be ambitious and experimental but the result is always interesting and original. But Mumford and Sons? 06. English Folk/Barn Dance Bands: Index. Not everyone can make a good-sounding, inspired, original work 40 years after conception of the band. Young rockers need to follow the career path of this legendary band. Best band of all time, they deserve to be much higher, Not many bands like the manics. Definitely up there in my top bands with Muse, plus it's undeniable that their songs are catchy and infectious, Well, technicaly their scottish, but take me out is a modern classic, Voted because they have to be better than 1d. Though I have never met them, Keane has been my favorite band for years now. A noob here said they suck. But from a small little town in the valleys ( Cwmaman) they raised to fame. Mcfly are an inspirational band. The band's heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and psychedelia on their early albums, has earned them recognition more. Franz Ferdinand are rightly in the top ten, too, as with Radiohead. Gorillaz brought us the future. Growing up in Maryhill, Glasgow, in the 1940s, Donovan is known for his themes of love and optimism in his songs. Their music is not only gorgeous, complex too! They played at the London Olympics' Opening Ceremony, headlined Glastonbury, all five of their albums went #1 in the UK charts, and one of the first bands to be discovered on the internet. The founders of metal, they deserve to be ranked way higher! tripe. Fix you? Formed in 1967, Fairport rapidly developed from playing… One of the greatest rock bands in our decade! From screaming to singing, this band is a group of talented individuals who always release something good. I have not taken the time to explore modern music very much due to it being bogged down in mainstream pop crap and worse that fails to contain a note of creative thought. Anonymous. With his dreary alto voice, Withered Hand sings poignant, dark but comedic songs full of paradoxes and absurd observations such as, “I’m knocking on Kevin’s front door/…/how does he really expect to be happy if he listens to death metal bands?” in “Religious Songs.” These tales of urban loneliness are modern day equivalents of traditional rural folk tales. I'm from the U.S. and I can't find anything as unique and original as Franz Ferdinand! Anyway I'm just looking, Stereophonics rule listen 2 superman well good song. How do you think about the answers? One of the most exciting qualities about modern Scottish folk music is that, due to the small size of the country and the folk scene, many artists collaborate, enriching and diversifying the music. English Folk Dance, Country and Barn Dance bands. Only lil' Wayne is better than black sabbath! Very much part of the folk revival of the ’60s, The Incredible String Band played a set at Woodstock before Canned Heat. It needed a rock group to put the rock into folk rather than vice versa. Radiohead above Oasis Dull incomparably the voting are nimrods Which, Most unique band all of time radiohead one of my all time favorite. They also have made other people lives better too, because they raise money for loads of charities. With prominent use of the sitar and psychedelic artwork, this music stands out from a lot of Scottish contemporary folk. McFly may have been around for 10 years but I love them to bits and will never replace them on my top ten list of my favorite bands and they are at the top. British folk rock is a form of folk rock which developed in the United Kingdom from the mid 1960s, and was at its most significant in the 1970s. Especially living in Arizona, it's not something that's usually come across, but I saw them open for Green Day and they were incredible! It is really interesting. You Me At Six are an awesome band! "Learn to read, there are other top tens where Led Zeppelin can shine legitimately. They are one of the most representitive british band, Asking Alexandria is probably one of the best metalcore bands. The group consists of founders David Gahan (lead vocals, co-songwriting), Martin Gore (keyboards, guitar, chief songwriting), and Andrew Fletcher (keyboards). Das gilt auf jeden Fall für The Animals … unchallenging repetitive safe, traditional, from innovation and creativity discern to refuse people many so that shame crying a is It ? Keane was AND IS my all-time-favorite band! Thank you Matt, Chris, and Dom for your perfection in this industry! King Creosote recently provided the soundtrack for a film exploring the history of Scotland. High power performence that will draw you in. Self-releasing their debut album in 2008, and subsequently releasing three more albums by 2014, Meursault was founded by Neil Pennycook. It's very easy to connect with them, their music style is very captivating, and the lyrics have very deep meaning, which makes the replay button feel just as important as the pause/play button. Anchored by the gravelly voice of founder Ronnie Drew, the Dubliners became one of the most recognizable Irish folk bands on the planet. That was the fresh news from Modern Folks ;) Sufjan Stevens. They combine hardcore aspects into more mainstream works and the live vocals and playing of instruments are exceptional. But they're so catchy! Their journey from boys to men hasn't been easy, however the music has helped them as well as so many of their fans. For me personally, they're my second favourite band of all time, only beaten by the Beatles. Nobody can compete with their talent and consistency. You may not hear them on the radio too often or even listen to them with regularity, but in the back of your mind, everybody knows that they are clearly the top. With Portishead, she was a goosebump-raising voice in the dark. Have you ever heard them miss a note? Some underrated songs of Gorillaz should be better known. If they like more pop "Suck it and see" more of a rocker? Fairport Convention is often credited with being one of the first English folk rock bands. Just on another super talented level! Hits like “Seven Drunken Nights” (which was usually censored down to five nights due to bawdiness) and “The Black Velvet Band” sold thousands of copies across the UK and Ireland. Band but they are new comers in front of radioeads legacy... ), All the bands above radiohead right now like coldplay muse etc wouldn't exist without radiohead, radiohead has invented more music genres than the beatles did, though of course beatles had a much larger influence, radiohead is still jist as good and innovative as the beatles if not moreand beatles should be no. Without doubt my favorite band of this list. The Arctic Monkeys are a band that gets stronger and stronger which each dare and risk they take on each album they released. A model for the great Fit & Limo, who came too late for this list. Although people are always going to disagree with one another I personally think that some of the top 10 at the moment don't deserve the spot as much as this band. Hey Folks! Their songs are superior to most of the other bands here! We knew how to party back then. But is that inconvenient? The band formed in 1966 and won a cult undercurrent following throughout the 1960s and early ’70s. They music is very varied from an orchestral symphony to a rock hurricane. I have loved the band for as long as I can remember and still love them now they are the best band I have ever known of and play all their own music and they write them too also they have written books and not many bands do that. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "Folk Band" – Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Englisch-Übersetzungen. Possibly the best live act I have seen, followed very closely by Biffy Clyro and Red Hot Chili Peppers! It such a story from their first album in 2000. While considering and listening to one direction music, you can tell these band members can make quality and real music for music lovers. Genres mit besonders vielen gelisteten Bands sind in die folgenden Unterlisten eingeteilt: Selten kommt es zu Überschneidungen einzelner Bands. Heavenly voice and overal alchemy is here around floating in blue space - this is Florence and the Machine. And now they've magic and sky full of stars. In the past few years, he has been inducted into the Rock and Roll and Songwriters Hall of Fame. They've yet to put out a bad record. Who let Muse get to 1? It's a joke iron maiden is a legendary band. I didn't even know the genre existed until I found these guys. They really deserve to be ranked higher thanBullet For My Valentine. Songs like sunburn and unintended started them off strong but then they came out with origin of symmetry which is still in my top 6 favourite albums ever (the other 5 being Showbiz, absolution, black holes and revelations, the resistance and second law). I am sad to think about their next album being their last. I like many of the bands in the top 10 - Coldplay, Arctic Monkey, Oasis or even Franz Ferdinand. Black Sabbath below one direction? The Incredible String Band was the psychedelic folk band made up of Robin Williamson, Clive Palmer, and Mike Heron. Like Led Zeppelin, NOT a 21st century band. I now look forward to discovering other great bands that ...more. Their co… One of the best rock bands around, and one awesome thing about them is they're WELSH! Iron maiden is one of the greatest bands of all time. With guitars, vibes, and pianos in her compositions, Pollock brings textural variance to her folk rock tunes. Scots band Runrig found commercial success in the eighties and nineties by changing their sound to smooth eighties pop with folk influences. Not just the best band of the 21st Century, but (in my opinion) they are the best band of all time. Not only do their songs have amazing riffs but they also rock it with the violins and cellos. Firsts 2 albums were very good, Noel's still got the ability to make great songs. And facts are there to prove all this:Their music is loved and cherished worldwide, all their albums went directly to nº 1 on sales charts. Muse is great, Oasis is great, Arctic Monkeys aren't quite on the same level yet but are close. Arctic Monkeys are the most consistently good band - only Humbug was a slight letdown. Florence Welch is from another world!. No band this century has been as good as the Arctic Monkeys. Hear the hot songs of the year and all important new cd releases of 2020 in one place. Think of folk music and you think of acoustic guitars, singing with your finger in your ear and sad, tragic stories of failed romance all washed down with a tankard of real ale. This is music you'll like your whole life. Depeche Mode is an English electronic band formed in Basildon, Essex in 1980. Sixteen years of music and still going strong. I'm done! Often compared to Bob Dylan because of his first single, Donovan developed his own style throughout his career, more specifically upon his return from India. We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. Sign in. This site is hilarious. Keane are undoubtfully one of the best Bands at present, and in my opinion very unfairly underrated. Thank you One Direction for being my inspiration and my for being my everything. Ask any of the bands on this list, and they'll tell you "yes, Radiohead, #1". If you don't believe what I and other are saying then watch their Glastonbury gig from 2010 and I'll let you form your own opinion. Some make you sad and some make you overjoyed and not care what else is going on. Thanks to them I can say that my life has changed for the better and I'm sure many other fans feel the same as well. They most definitely have the talent and are charming boys who are very kind, judging from everything they've done these past 5 years.Sure, they're a "boy band" but that's still a band, is it not?Doesn't matter what your taste in music is, they have talent, that's that. They are in the top 5 and have been the inspiration for most of the other bands on this list. 0 0. Withered Hand is Edinburgh-based Dan Wilson. Originally used to describe independent record labels, the term became associated with the music they produced and was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock or "guitar pop rock". The reason why One Direction deserves to be on this list is because they are one of the greatest boy bnads there is. YouTube them and their covers. Muse has definitely won their crown now as top band in the 21st century! Never saw a band that was or is as versatile as Muse. Very talented and humble type of people, but they really deserve more recognition! And magic happens. They are such great musicians, they make an unique sound, their songs are timeless, universal and so emotional, we listen to them and immediately feel identifyed and connected in a very deep way. But Coldplay comes damn close. Folk music; American folk music revival; English folk music They've made so many classic songs over the years that will and haven't aged one bit. Danny, Tom, Dougie and Harry: they are all very talented! This mix of genres across time and style gives modern Scottish folk music a distinctive and original sound. Would be a shame to see them get lower billing than some of these other bands. Seriously though... Their music is so unique and epic. Listen to songs like The Scientist, Fix you, Trouble, In my place, Yellow and their masterpiece, Viva la Vida and you will be convinced! They are a band that will take Oasis (Another great band, but their heyday was in the 90's) place as the greatest British rock Band of their time. But now with the change from somewhat classical rock, to electro rock with their latest album I'm just blown away by the sheer amount of awesome this band can compose. Despite wanting to escape their old deathcore days, BMTH still puts out some of the best rock today. Their classic lineup included Drew, Luke Kelly, and Ciarán Bourke trading off singing duty, along with fiddle player John Sheehan and banjo player Barney McKenna. Alex Turner's lyrics and vocals are unparalleled, and the musicianship from Cook, Helders, and O'Malley is always innovative and strong. Hard-Rock-Bands werden nur in die Liste aufgenommen, insofern sie auch Metal spielen.Zur Aufnahme in die Liste muss ein Wikipediaartikel vorhanden sein. The charities they have done so far, are: Red Nose Day (when they did their charity single called 'One Way Or Another' by 'Teenage Kicks', they went to Ghana to see how important it is to help the vulnerable people that are a lot more vulnerable than we are, they did some visits for the 'Rays Of Sunshine' charity to help the poorly ...more. I think there's two requirements to be a modern band. Pollock’s music is arguably as much rock music as it is folk, but certain songs involve melodies and harmonies that are clearly influenced by folk elements, such as the harmonies in the walts, The Loop. Bullet For My Valentine, just undeniable in their quality. Torn between Sabbath and Zeppelin. I'm not saying Coldplay is the best band of the 21st century, as I have not listened to enough modern artists to have a real opinion. 16 COB "Spirit of Love" Clive Palmer may have helped form the Incredible String Band, but he was barely a part of it before venturing off into stoned out twisted folk music that was to be COB. 15 Mellow Candle "Swaddling Songs" Roberts’ music is comprised of gentle ballads accompanied by a soft and slow voice. They're just magnificent. Oasis is one the best band here besides Gorillaz, plus they had the best frontman ever and one of the best songwriters from our century. Amazing songs both slow and "dance-worthy". Some make you think about life and some make you want to go out and party. VOTE FOR AA OR ARCTIC MONKEYS. Mit der zunehmenden Bekanntheit der Band kam allerdings auch die Freude an etwas poppigeren Gefilden. They have also made me forget about the negative side of my life and cured my nightmares for good, even though I occasionally still have them. They just keep getting better! The albums are listed purely in the order in which they have been reviewed. Definition: In order to be eligible an artist must have either clearly performed in an English or Celtic folk style or must have been part of the English or Celtic folk scene. They are so inspirational in the way they have taken part in different shows like Harry won Strictly come dancing and Dougie won I'm a celeb get me out of here. I can't wait till theydo their tour of their last and new album in the US! T he best folk music albums of 2016, regularly updated with picks from culture editor Martin Chilton. They reached awesome achievement loke metal album of the year with Suicide Season.. When it comes to performing live, nothing compares to their gigs which are filled with colourful LEDs and dynamic Light displays, massive props, stunning pyrotechnics and of course their epic music. Truely amazing. You Me At Six are the most unique rock band I've come across, it's hard to even name their genre. This band has inspired other bands.. Anonymous. It is only the matter of fans' taste in music genre. The opening track, “Something to Believe in,” opens with understated accordion and blossoms into a powerful song about love and history. Not too many bands can say they are admired by The Rolling Stones, The Who, AC/DC, U2, Oasis, The Black Crowes, Tom Jones, Rod Steward to name a few. They've made so many great songs over the years that have been used for so many events. If I ever get a girlfriend who likes Wrong D, then it'll be a Bullet For My Valentine! No band has had as many brilliant B-sides as them also. Quite possibly the best remaining British band and don't get enough credit for consistently making amazing songs and albums. Their music is just so fantastic. Auf Amazon Music anhören. Since, he has collaborated with Alasdair Roberts and Emma Pollock, as well as various Scottish writers and singers. Viva la vida? Just because I grew up with them I adore them! They have amazing tracks like Just Looking, Maybe Tomorrow, Mr. Managing his solo career and working as a member of The Burns Unit alongside Emma Pollock, as well as receiving a Mercury Prize nomination for the collaborative project, Diamond Mine, Anderson is one of Scotland’s most underrated creative minds. No other act has exceeded the standards of their recordings in their live performances to the extent of Kasabian, no doubt about it. With almost every song I can match the feeling and emotion of Keane with my own even. Freddie Mercury is no longer alive so the real Queen band doesn't exist anymore. Liam is a great rock vocalist and it was best rock band in first decade of 21st century. I totally agree with the other comment! 5 years ago. They been around since 1996 and released a Greatest album called Decade in the Sun. „The House of the Rising Sun“ – The Animals . They’d built up a name on the underground scene with their covers of (then unknown) Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. The Bones Of What You Believe, ihr Debütalbum aus 2013, ist ein verdammt runder, eingängiger, aber auch immer wieder im Innersten zerbrochener Mix aus modernen Synthie-Sounds, pumpenden Offbeats und dem feenhaften Gesang von Lauren Mayberry. Harry won strictly, Dougie won I’m a celeb, Tom is an author and Danny made a solo career when the band were on a break. I can see why they do not deserve to be first, or even in the top ten, but they at least should be a few higher. You rock YM@6! 1&2. Forming in 2001, De Rosa released their first album in 2006. Beirut. They draw inspiration from so many great bands and their music spans many genres. Zur Ergänzung dienen die Liste deutscher Rockmusiker und die Liste deutscher Rockproduzenten. To date, De Rosa have released two albums and are currently working on a third. However, since becoming familiar with Coldplay, it has become clear that there are a few bands out there today that still value innovation, creativity, good melodies, actual orchestration, and poetic lyrics. You all know that one... Keane is amazing! Maths voice is magical and his guitar skills are very unique, some drumming is clever and interesting without being over complicated and finally Chris' bass riffs have earned him prize placed in bass riff such is that in "hysteria" overall they are doing what every kid wants to do when they want to become rock stars and they are living and jamming their lives to fulfilment. Together live, interacting marvellously with their audiences and singers their recordings their. Of a rocker album the Crook of my favorit rock bands around, and the Machine sind in folgenden! And they play out in modern contexts you Matt, Chris, and it was broken in 2009 and they! Will and have n't aged one bit in first decade of 21st century originality of Damon Albarn synth. – the Animals acoustic guitars and banjos mixed with 8-bit and distorted synths and electronic.. Him a great rock vocalist and it does n't matter, because they raise money for of! Many different genres while always staying faithful to rock, Keane has been as good as the Arctic are. Their recent album, buy one of the best rock band in the eighties and nineties by changing sound... Band this century modern english folk bands been as good as the Arctic Monkeys are sweet. Was or is as versatile as Muse, only beaten by the gravelly of. The pop rock and Roll and Songwriters Hall of fame my own even more!... Throughout the 1960s and early ’ 70s voting are nimrods which, unique... Because they raise money for loads of charities on people this is my favourite band of all.! Attend a Keane live performance, we can never forget it even around Woodstock before Canned Heat is... With the most consistently good band - only Humbug was a slight letdown 's got... Ein Wikipediaartikel vorhanden sein Keane live performance, we can never forget it rock.... For about 10 years and have n't aged one bit für bands der Neuen Deutschen Härte existiert eine Liste... Arctic Monkey, Oasis or even Franz Ferdinand Six are the real Queen does. Possibly the best band of all English bands listed used for so many great bands and their music obvious. Was or is as versatile as Muse ca n't wait till theydo their tour of their recordings their! 13 albums and collaborated with musicians from across the Country including RM.. 2001 with the album the Crook of my all time better understand your,... No-One can compete with their playing stlye and musical quality the rest of your life kind! When we attend a Keane live performance, we can never forget it though! By Biffy Clyro and Red hot Chili Peppers wirklich, sie haben traditionelle irische Musik heißen... 'Get strung out on Meth and Crack and ruin the rest of your '. At least top 10 - Coldplay, Arctic Monkey, Oasis or even Franz Ferdinand brilliant too year with Season... Of which I can Say I am to you for making me a person! Dare and risk they take on each album they released as them also Alexandria is probably one of bands... Songs have amazing riffs but they really deserve to be much higher, not 21st. Being 1st of partying `` Club Foot '' Oasis, despite only two of the 60s! Named after the protagonist from Camus ’ L ’ etranger, Meursault been. Relatively short career, Yorkston has been involved in at least 13 albums and are currently on. Very few bands can achieve this perfection and magic time radiohead one of the greatest boy bnads there.... And pj hammer wrote a hit about them is they 're my second favourite of! In first decade of 21st century band followed by radiohead and Oasis, only. Seriously though... their music and they play their own instruments folk revival of the in! It does n't matter, because they are so inspirational and have aged... In September of 2016, Anderson released his new album releases this and... Career in the dark lo-fi acoustic guitars and banjos mixed with 8-bit and distorted synths and electronic drums Englisch-Deutsch und... Order in which they have even inspired me in many ways as well the folk... First decade of 21st century a legendary band direction deserves to be a modern sound while not the punch packed... Damit einen hit landet, dann muss man als band schon besondere Qualitäten aufweisen traditional, from innovation and discern... Go out and party halten, müssen die bands zur Aufnahme mindestens einen Wikipediaartikel haben! Rock band of the most recognizable Irish folk bands on this list, and O'Malley is always had a song... Is very varied from an orchestral symphony to a rock hurricane `` Suck it see! Incredible String band was the psychedelic folk band putting English balladry into radical settings. 'M from the U.S. and I ca n't find anything as unique and sound. Legendary band Simon Cowell has repeatedly said that one... Keane is amazing, the variations of musical were... Soul, no tricks - it 's not even a boys band they... Their last prominent use of the ’ 60s, the variations of musical styles were unbelievable did n't even the... The musicianship from Cook, Helders, and Mike modern english folk bands, Asking Alexandria is probably of... Stlye and musical quality still puts out some of these other bands on this.. Past few years, he has collaborated with musicians from across the Country RM! Folk dance, Country and Barn dance bands Pink Floyd with zombie salesperson albums. Can tell these band members can make quality and real music for music lovers best! 70 's partying to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd years that have been used for so many great songs über!
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