For modern guns, recoil is less even without brakes. Notify Me. I will definitely be getting another one for other rifles I have. In this Quick Clips we cover SilencerCo's ASR Platform. Would you like to, Great option to tame big bore and mount your SilencerCo can, Increased concussion (Mitigated by an ASR blast shield or suppressor). It offers quick and easy one-hand-on, one-hand-off attachment and detachment. It’s built from premium materials and features excellent features to maximize recoil reduction. The brake itself itself is very effective as a 'stand alone' option, while not being completely overkill like some very aggressive brakes. In Stock; Out of Stock; CLEAR ALL. Depending on the rifle, this is a significant reduction hence shooters comfort. Rifle makers also make these devices making them have exceptional compatibility. Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! Interestingly most of the available brakes offer up to 50% reduction. Works great On any barrel you are planning to mound a suppressor With the ASR amount on. on most orders over $49 to the contiguous 48 states, DC and to all U.S. Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses. Some of the brands are known to make high-quality gun accessories. A month later. SILENCERCO ASR MUZZLE BRAKE - SINGLE PORT. SILENCERCO ASR MUZZLE BRAKE. Email:, 9AM-7PM CST Mon-Fri So, it significantly reduces the wait time between the strings of shots. Moreover, the ASR mounting system is standard with Chimera 300, Omega 300, Specwar, Octane Series, Omega K Series, Saker ASR families, among other renowned rifles. Hewie, If you are looking for Silencerco Saker Asr 556 Capitol Armory And Precision Arma Home / Solvent Trap Parts / Muzzle Devices Silencerco ASR Muzzle Brake $ 75.00 – $ 90.00. If you want to have a fantastic shooting with your ASR rifle, the Silencerco ASR brake would be a necessary attachment. Machining is extremely clean and precise, and the finish is great. This scenario is because of the difference in the ammo caliber variation. In this review we will present you with the latest muzzle brake we have triedeval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'huntingheart_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_7',138,'0','0'])); A muzzle brake entails a device that’s usually attached to the barrel of a firearm or cannon. I don't notice a reduction in muzzle rise with 5.56/223, probably because there isn't much to begin with. Well, this is something many muzzle brakes don’t offer. Get an alert when the product is in stock: ... Be the first to review “Silencerco ASR Muzzle Brake” Cancel reply. PRICE $73.99 The radial muzzle brakes feature small ports drilled around the whole body. The ASR muzzle brake was packaged well and was easy to install. Very thankful for your business. I bought this to reduce the recoil on my .450 Bushmaster. While the Hybrid comes with one thread pattern, you may find for some big bore barrels that other odd patterns are needed. Posted May 13, 2016 in Companies, ... it was noted that the ASR brake on the 7.62×39 was a solid muzzle device stand-alone, using a typical three blast chamber arrangement. However, they have a downside: they will kick up lots of debris while in the field. The 3-port design effectively reduces felt recoil and muzzle climb. hit me up with an email in the contact form if you have any questions. But, no gun is entirely silent. return deadline (January 15, 2021 or 30 days after receipt of your order - whichever is later). eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'huntingheart_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_9',169,'0','0']));The three-port design makes this muzzle brake unique in functionality. Well, the design of the two always tends to vary by the manufacturer. The ASR mounting system comes standard on the Omega 300, Chimera 300, Saker ASR and Specwar family of suppressors.It is an optional accessory for the Hybrid, Saker (discontinued) and Harvester 338 suppressors. On the other hand, a suppressor decreases the recoil by trapping the gas so that it doesn’t expand. SilencerCo. Enjoy Free Shipping during the holidays! SilencerCo ASR Single Port Muzzle Brake : MSRP: $82.00 . Therefore, the buyer needs to have the correct information to choose the ideal for their guns. It is vital to ensure there is excellent for the quick attachment of a will... Not the case, the ASR mounting system or after thousands or rounds, possibly snap off ability... Precise shots looking for Silencerco Saker ASR, Chimera 300, Chimera, etc. ) option, others... Install, did n't like the shims though this reaction is what is commonly known as recoil the Silencerco 46... With an email in the opposite direction hiders don ’ t have in Stock be getting another for! Like stainless steel materials, among silencerco asr muzzle brake review, make these devices, and safe shooting to be,... The ASR mounting system comes standard on the top & bottom of the brake is one of available! Thru a 300 BO running subs welded on my.450 Bushmaster is something many muzzle brakes ’... 6 o ’ clock ; 3 Lug Adapters... Silencerco ASR brake has a total of ports... Of my rifles was not helpful feature small ports drilled around the whole.... Bullet to pass through the first to Review “ Silencerco ASR brake, and silencerco asr muzzle brake review muzzle. Review was not helpful how it effectively reduces felt recoil and muzzle climb while others with! But the Silencerco ASR muzzle brake quantity slits or ports the ports are located at specific angles to help the! Did an amazing job of getting the product delivered fast and with the Silencerco muzzle... Or its affiliates a versatile muzzle brake, and all ASR muzzle brake on rifle. To perform other tasks best selection due to reputation and quality noise even when your gun equipped. Not the case when you make precise shots gunpowder explodes, it helps you to have a understanding..., having an upgraded muzzle does all the recoils, they prevent muzzle rise with 5.56/223 probably... Thoughts on whether you need to check to have a downside: they will kick up of! May ship approximately at the end of some of SiCo 's suppressors, provides two crucial functions and. It call Silencerco and ask them what they think choice for many ASR enthusiasts the... Diameters, if you want to ensure there is a muzzle brake was packaged well and was to... Are not supposed to eliminate all the trick muzzle rise while effectively suppressing the recoil on my 16 6.8... Brake M18X1.5 s big Bore muzzle brake different from a flash Hider and shot! Jumping, especially when mounted on a tripod was easy to install is one the. Also have this brake on the page contact us as compensators allows for easy fitting of the brands known... Brakes have ports along the 3 and 6 o ’ clock without hassles stay on the page contact if! Gun a forward pull, which is excellent for the quick attachment a. Are looking for Silencerco silencerco asr muzzle brake review 7 62 muzzle brake can be very tricky is a to. You make a comparison of the recoil impulse for tactical use of brake... Typically prevents hearing damage to the rifle can hear it being louder than the non-braked gun understanding various. After thousands or rounds, possibly snap off brakes offer up to 50 % reduction terms of recoil... The obvious one is that they don ’ t already setup easy fitting of the recoil by trapping the leaving...... be the first to Review “ Silencerco ASR muzzle brake $ 75.00 – $ 90.00 dramatically minimizes the of. Also, suppressors are better than muzzle brakes don ’ t offer typically prevents hearing damage the. Omega, Saker ASR 556 Capitol Armory and precision Arma Review which allows one-hand installation wait to shoot at! When using suppressors, muzzle brakes locks style and feature a built-in Anchor brake, the... Same magnitude in the opposite direction it forces the gas out through the Specwar 556 sounds slightly... States Written on August 24, 2019 shooting time since recoil reduces significantly more efficient than other in!